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Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Take 12 Layout

I wrote in more detail about the photos here. I have noticed with this project that I tend to write more about my Take 12 photos on this blog than I do on the actual page. I think I am fine with that, though I suppose only time will really tell. Will the story still feel complete in a year or two when I look back at these pages? I'll let you  know. I  think, perhaps, I will print out what I have written here, and keep that in the page protector behind each layout. No one can tell me I can't, right?

You still have time to link your photos at the Ella Publishing Blog, for a chance to win a hand-made camera strap from Bluebird Chic.

Don't forget to check out the creations from the rest of the Take 12 Team!

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  1. I liked the grid photos against the angles of twine and journaling strips you've used here. Blogging often coaxes more details out for me and I am perfectly happy for sometimes leaving those details on the blog and othertimes printing them out and sticking that onto the back. One memorable occasion I ended up with the entire back covered.