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Monday, August 13, 2012

Take Twelve Photos

As I mentioned, Sunday was a little stressful, since Max needed to come home from sleep away camp, due to his injured hand. It's a four hour drive, and we don't have a car. We were told by the camp that he "should" be able to get a ride home, but the details did not get settled until late in the day. Sitting with all that uncertainty, made it difficult to take photos, but I did my best with whatever camera I had handy at a given moment, vaguely hoping that it added up to 12 at the end of the day, but not too worried if it didn't. Take Twelve is about recording life, and sometimes when life is happening, you can't take pictures. The last row of pictures actually happened after midnight, and are technically from August 13th, but it was still the same day to me. And more importantly, MAX CAME HOME!

Anyway, in the morning, Sam went swimming with a friend. Dave and I partook in our Sunday morning ritual of coffee, pastry (not pictured- homemade lemon squares), and the New York Times wedding section. Later in the afternoon, Sam and I went out and did some back to school shopping. It was a nice, relaxing outing, where we weren't in too much of a rush, we were well fed, and we were actually out to buy things, which is way more fun than, "no, we're not getting that" trips. Sam even said, "I like these days when we just walk around." The trip to the comic book shop was just for browsing, though, as it often is. After all that walking, Sam was tuckered out as we waited for the bus, so he plopped himself down on the sidewalk. The evening was quiet, and Dave and I stayed up waiting for Max. I was scrapbooking while Dave worked on his laptop, and watched the latest episode of Breaking Bad. On the one hand, I like to know what's happening in the show. But it is way too violent for me, so I often have to leave the room. Dave sent me an email when the kill-y parts were over, and it was safe to return. Max came home at 2 am, and he must have been happy to be back, because he didn't even mind when I told him it was the 12th (well, the 13th) and I started clicking away. 

That's the end of my story.

And now for the good part: Link your photos or layout  here, by midnight EST on August 18th, for a chance to win a spot in Elisha Snow's workshop, Get Great Photos with Any Camera

Good luck. everyone!


  1. I know that you said that before but only now I finally got it - you don't have a car! I think you are the only family in the states that I know that don't have a car or two. Ah, life in the suburbs :) I am catching up on my blog reading so I don't know what happened to Max, hope he is OK! He looks good :) And very grown up.
    Too funny that Dave sent you email when it's "safe" to come out. I wouldn't even try watching it. I wasn't even able to watch "24", just the music killed me. LOL

  2. Ha. The kill-y parts. Matt and I watch most HBO shows together as a date but I cannot watch True Blood with him... waaaaaay too many kill-y parts. And gratuitous vampire gore. : ) I always love reading your photo stories!