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Friday, August 17, 2012

August Take Twelve Layout

Here she is:

When it comes to Take Twelve I've discovered that:
1) The photos always end up in some variation of a grid.
2) If I print my photos above 2 inches, I make a two page layout.
3) With so many photos, I usually use a solid colored, neutral, background paper.
4) I like to work with square photos.
5) I like my people photos most.
6) There is almost always a moment of discontent, when I first sit down to make my layout: How, oh how,  on earth can I fit 12 photos into one layout, without making it look like all my other Take Twelve layouts?
7) It usually works out in the end.

What patterns have you noticed in your Take Twelve projects?

Remember to link up your photos here, for a chance to win a spot in Elisha Snow's photography class over at Big Picture Classes.

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  1. Ha! I feel the same as you! How can I fit that many photos into one layout and make it look fresh and different! Yours is a great design!

  2. Fantastic layout! And I love your thoughts about the Take 12 challenge! I agree with so many of them, especially the square photos. I always seem to stick them in a Polaroid though. :)