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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And now for the Take Twelve Layout!

Drumroll, please...

I used and adapted one of Donna Jannuzzi's sketch's from the Take Twelve Guided Inspiration Kit. I have a feeling  I will be doing that each month. 12 is a lot of photos for one layout, and it helps to have some guidance in fitting them all in there. I have loved Donna's Sketches for a while now-they are always clean and simple, and leave lots of room for embellishment. I also used the January mini calendar included in the kit, and then I adapted it, so that it ended up looking like the circle pictured here:

Pretty much everything else on this page comes from my Cocoa Daisy Kits, both past and present.

You can link to your own Take Twelve photos and layout over at the Ella Publishing blog (at the bottom of the post), for a chance to win a seat in Cathy Zielske's class, Ten Tips for Better Type, or May Flaum's class, The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide. Both classes are available at Big Picture Classes.

And join The Take Twelve Flickr Group to post your project, and see what everyone else is sharing! I can't wait to see what you have all done! I'll be traveling and with family the next few days, so it might take me some time till I get to see them all!

And, Check out what the rest of the lovely ladies on the Take Twelve Team did with their photos:


  1. This is simple yet very pretty. Love the layout and the colors. The images are also adorable.

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  2. Great month one, love the banners at the top of the page to give the whole layout balance.

  3. I love this! The design is similar to mine! Great minds think alike ;)! We both even used the same chipboard houses! Lolol

  4. Great page! I´m so impressed that you made a dubble. I´ve only done that 2 times in all the years I´ve been scrapbooking...

  5. I hadn't heard about the Take 12 project, and have enjoyed seeing your posts about it! Lovely spreads! Thank you!