My Scrapbook Resume

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm not supposed to be scrapping...

I'm supposed to be getting work done for my parent teacher conferences coming up. But, I just thought one more little layout (or 2), and a blog post,  couldn't hurt. 

One of the thrills of being is Israel is eating at a Kosher McDonald's. Well, not for me. But for my kids. After years of seeing heartwarming commercials for McDonald's food, and exciting Happy Meals filled with toys, they can finally partake of this whilesome American staple.We all know how horrible the food is for you (and might not even qualify as food), but they enjoyed it nonetheless. So, the title and journaling says, we traveled 6,000 miles to eat the worst of American food. But I also love this picture because Max is with his beloved cousin Yoav, who, despite being only 5 months apart in age, Max is about a foot taller than Yoav. So, it's sometimes funny to see them together. I thought there size difference was reflected nicely in the size of their burgers. So, I wrote about that too.

And while on the subject of Max and Yoav, I made this layout here. Again capturing their difference in size, but more importantly, that despite how far away they live from each other, they are such good friends, and always pick up their relationship right where they left off.

The best part is, Max said he liked these layouts. Great praise, indeed.

And, while I was procrastinating my work, I've also been working on creating some digital pages with the photos from Max's bar mitzvah. There are over 400 photos, and I know I can't physically scrap them all. I don't love working digitally, but I thought this would be a good time to try it anyway. My plan is to make a photobook that I can easily print more copies of  for interested parties (like, say, grand parents). I also used this project as an excuse to buy some digital products from the always wonderful and talented Ali Edwards. 

So here are my first attempts:

And this one I made without a template or papers, just some digital stamps. Right now it's my favorite of the three, so I might go back and adjust the first two. Grunge them up a little bit. I guess  that's the beauty of digital.

Ok, I'm really getting back to work now. But first...


  1. Wonderful layouts, Aliza! Too funny about McDonald's. I always forget that in Israel even not kosher stores don't sell milk.
    I love your digi layouts. I really need to work on my digi skills. I have thousands unscrapped pictures from all our trips.

  2. Wonderful style! I love your placement of embellishments!!!