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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Check this lovely out

As promised, a layout from Max's bar mitzvah. Not just any photo, mind you, but The big moment--that is being called up and reading from the Torah. For that he prepared for about 10 months, all leading up to this big day (and the big day two days later, when he read the entire portion on shabbat, in my parent's synagogue, in front of a room full of people that he did not really know, in a foreign country...). We were proud (and relieved), as you can see by Dave's huge grin in the background.

It was hard to know, at first, what to write about with this photo. About him becoming a man? About carrying on tradition? Meh. While that is true, that wasn't really what this picture made me think about. Instead, I focused on how it felt celebrating this huge event, far from our home and friends in America. We all had thought that by celebrating in Israel Max would miss the big party that he would have had with his friends. But, since the choice was big party with friends, or spend the summer in Israel with a smaller party, he chose the latter. I think we were all pleasantly surprised that the celebration didn't feel small at all. Between my nieces and nephews, my first cousins, my parents' first cousins,  my uncle and aunt, and my sibling who traveled to Israel to celebrate with us, it wasn't just a small simple gathering, it was lots of fun.

And, before I go, a quick shout out to our amazing photographer, Doni Lerner  who helped capture the day. He was a pleasyure to work with, and the photos are fantabulous. And while I sing his praises, I will also praise the lovely Basic Grey Cardstock, My Mind's Eye and American Crafts patterned paper, and some lovely embellishments, all found in my Cocoa Daisy kits. Bravo scrapbook kits.


  1. Love the layout, that bracket is great! And I love how you zeroed in on your real focus in the layout--such an important part of the end result!

  2. Special layout for special moment!