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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Awesomely Cute Tags

I keep Mishloach Manot pretty simple. Often it's a brown paper lunch bag, with a some chocolate, candy, and a fruit. Oh, and we usually bake some hamantashen. For the last several years, I have tried to make it a little special with a pretty little tag, but I am still all about simple. Some years, I can't get it together to do anything fancy at all.

This year, however, I have made super, awesomely cute, tags. Way back when I first started crafting, hole punchers were my very first tools. They are making a grand come back, and I am glad to see them again. Martha Stewart is really rocking the hole punchers right now (that's her butterfly punch I used). She just releases one winning design after another. But, whatever. She's Martha. That's what she does. Anyhow, these are almost entirely made with hole punchers.

With 2 ways to use them:

With a ribbon:

Or Without:

These little darlings are available on etsy, too.

What about you? What's your mishloach manot approach? Theme? No theme? Homemade food? Or, a plastic bag (that's how I grew up, and I loved it.)


  1. These are super duper cute!!! I need to make some of these!! Love them!

  2. Love how you used the staples! Super cute!

  3. Thanks, the beauty of the staples is that it made it a lot easier to attach all the layers.