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Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Week after Valentine's Day

I don't actually celebrate Valentine's day (if you put the word "saint" in front of things, it's hard to rationalize celebrating it, what with being an Orthodox Jew, and all), but, man, is it hard to be a crafter and not fall in love with all the cute Valentine's themed supplies, ideas, and love stories. And this from a person who does not own one pink item in her wardrobe. But, what can I say? Marketing works like a heart shaped charm.

So here's my NOT Valentine's Day layout:
(If you click on a picture, you can read my journaling. The pictures will make a lot more sense, if you do.)

I was originally thinking of the title "Little Things" for this layout, but everything I wrote after that sounded like a penis joke. That's what being married to Dave for almost 15 years will do to you.

About the page: I am a very simple scrapbooker. I could scrapbook with just plain, solid cardstock, and some paper punches. But, I am trying to challenge myself to include more embellishment without sacrificing my design ideals. This layout is a little cute, but I like it anyway. It's good to leave your comfort zone every once in a while.

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