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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today he is 16. Which is a ridiculously large number.

In a few weeks he will be a junior in high school. Which mean just 2 more years that he will be living here. Which is a ridiculously small number.

While he was away this summer, I discovered that we communicate much better by text than we do by talking on the phone.

There are people who write really well about the feelings of watching their children grow older. The excitement, the pride, and the pain of knowing family life will not stay the same forever. (Which ultimately is a good thing.) Maybe some day, here or on some scrapbook page, I will write of those things. But for now, I prefer to capture the way those feelings pop up in small, little moments.

So, I made a page about our texting exchanges this summer. Because they were fun and made me smile. But this layout is also about  the future, when Max will graduate and move away, and we will need some new ways to stay connected. Because, really the phone is not good for us.

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