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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In Between

A while back I wrote a post over at Write.Click.Scrapbook. about scrapbooking the in-between stages in our children's lives. The slight changes in personality and attitude and taste and humor that happen as children move from being kids to tweens to teens and then the big one-adulthood. Just thought I'd share those layouts here, plus another that has been made since then.

Max is 16, as I might have mentioned once or twice. He is a full fledged teenager now, and is generally happier, funnier, and more comfortable in his skin than in those earlier teen years. I am hoping that that bodes well for his future self, but really, only time will tell.

Sam, is the tween in the house, and he is often still deliciously small, but I certainly see some teenage attitude and humor peeking through.

Example- attitude. On some of our summer hikes, Sam, the one who loves to be outside exploring, could not contain some of his cynical comments. 

On the positive side-humor. When I pointed out to Sam some of his attitude changes, he shot back with a comment so funny that I cried. It also can't be repeated in decent company. Or any company really. But just in case one day we are ready to share the joke, it is tucked away in this layout. Right inside that little Jillibean Soup mini bag. (For the record- I used every single last one in the package. Which is extraordinarily satisfying, and also a testament to how much I love them.)

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