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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mini Album Update

I am feeling a little obsessed with my Picture Day mini album. Aside from working on it for a long time, and enjoying the results, today I read it to my youngest preschool class in preparation for our real life picture day, next week. I like when my professional life and my scrappy life intersect.

And, they liked the book! I think the part that was most amazing to them, was when I showed them the picture with me and Max, and they realized that I was the mommy in the book. "I have a mommy. But, you're my teacher!" said one little guy.

Another asked, "Who's that baby?"

And then it was interesting to watch him think about this tiny baby turning into that large kid from the earlier page.

And they enjoyed seeing the final product:

"He's sad." said one child. He does look a little sad here. That's kind of why I love this photo. I remember (somewhat) how Max could be when he was anxious as a young child (lots of loud crying and some hiding). And here, he's clearly not loving it, but he's keeping it together.

And as long as I'm connecting work and scrapbooking, I will share this layout about me at work. This time of year, I get to tell the stories of Purim and then Passover. I like passing these stories down, and watching the stories retold by the kids. I made this layout for one of my Write.Click.Scrapbook. posts about documenting your creative outlets.

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  1. Really cool that you shared your album with the class. fun to see them connect the dots in their heads.