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Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Life Mini; Weeks two and Three

As promised.
Note 1: I am not, as a rule, labeling my pages with the dates of the whole week. If i get a whole week of photos, good.  If not, also good.

Note 2: This is want I like the most. Lots of photos. A 4x6 journaling card that I printed, and played with a little bit. I like that it's a little page stuck in the middle of the spread. For this card, I used Ali Edwards' Thick Journal Cards, that I re-sized.

Note 3: Here's where I am being extremely informal. On the left, are more pictures from week two. On the right, are the only pictures from week three. Three pictures. One story. That is all she wrote. And, I want that to be okay for this album. I was going to skip this week all together, but then Max went ahead and did something funny, so I snapped some pictures.

I like this project enough to have ordered more page protectors. (That took a little digging to find places where they were in stock.) It has definitely gotten me to take more pictures. And if that is all it does, then it will be well worth it. And I am looking forward to being able to play a little bit more with adding some digital elements and little embellishments.

How is your PL (if you choose do it) coming along?

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