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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

And as it is a new year, and a new month, there is a new gallery at Write.Click.Scrapbook. The theme for this new beginning? "Note to self. What did I want to tell myself?


I try. I do. I really just look bad in most pictures. I know everyone says that, but I really think it's true in my case. But, I hope to get in the picture anyway.  Long live dark circles and pale skin!!

And while I'm sharing goals for next year--Here's my One Little Word for 2013. I almost didn't have one this year, and then suddenly it came to me in a moment where I was totally stuck in my own head and my own thoughts. My word is "Outside."

 Sometimes I still have doubts about it. See, I like being inside, at home, by myself. If anything, I don't get enough of that. but sometimes, in my desire to stay snuggled and warm in the peace and quiet, I miss out. So, I don't want a big life change, just every once in a while, I want to push myself to go outside of my comfort zone, just a little bit.

Here's to a year of small changes!

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