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Monday, July 23, 2012

One of the goals on my summer to-do list

On one of my summer to-do lists, I wrote: "more stamping, embossing, and misting on layouts." In my crafty life, I often move back and forth between "staying true to my style" and "exploring new ideas and techniques". The former is honoring the commitment to fulfill my own creative vision without feeling the need to keep up with trends, or just doing things because everyone else does. And the latter is an attempt to keep moving forward, to creating in new ways, and, well,doing things because they're trendy, and because everyone else does. Ali Edwards wrote in a recent newsletter (52 Creative Lifts) about seizing opportunities for   "creative reinvention." So, yeah, lets call it that.

This title is a quote from Sam's report card, at the end of the year. 

Until about a year ago, I had NEVER used patterned paper as a background. Not once. Patterned paper was only used in small doses on a solid, neutral background. Once, way back in 2010, I used bright orange. Anyway, once I started getting my Cocoa Daisy kits, I realized I'd need to work a little harder to use up all that patterned paper, and I began to use papers with a nice subtle design.  And now, I have moved into the world of bright and colorful papers.
While working on each of these, I had a point in the process where  I hated how it was turning out; My eyes hurt from all the action. But I managed to stick with each one, and when they were done, I kind of liked them. And , at the very least, they tell good stories.

As a reward for all my hard work, I made this one.


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