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Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's get the Story Started

It's time to start sharing photos, stories, and layouts from the big 'ole Deutsch Family Road Trip, 2012.

First, here's where we went: NJ-Pennsylvania-Ohio-Kentucky-Tennesse. Then back to: Kentucky-West Virgina-Maryland-Pennsylvania-NJ-and back home again to NYC. Some of those states we just drove through, but I count them anyway.

Our most frequent thought during this trip was how extraordinarily large this country is. It's amazing to me that we could travel for 2 weeks, drive for several hours a day, and still only covered a small fraction of it. And, while I'm used to vistas that look like this:

So much of this country looks like this:

Taking pictures of farms certainly helped pass the time in the car ( I wasn't the driver).

And now for some layouts:

Right now it looks like I'm headed towards an album of only road trip layouts, so I think this makes a nice first page. (And I got to use another one of my beloved farm house photos.)

I am not scrapping in any particular order, and this one is from the last leg of our trip, when we hiked a bit in Pennsylvania. Max asked for my camera, and I will never say no to my kids if they express any interest in photography. And I always have my point and shoot and phone, so I still took lots of pictures too.

I'll be back with more as they come!

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