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Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome Blog Hoppers! Happy Spring!

Welcome all from the SSC blog hop!

I am offline today celebrating Passover (thanks Chrissie for linking me up), which in Hebrew is also called "Chag Ha'aviv," which is the "Festival of Spring." Sometimes an extra month is added to the Jewish calendar (which goes according to the lunar cycle), to make sure that Passover falls out in the spring. This year was one of those years. (I know some of you are in parts of the world where it is not spring. They celebrate Passover now too. I don't know how to solve that problem.)

Now it just so happens that the many (many, many) preparations for Passover begin right after the holiday of Purim, which this year, actually fell on the first day of spring. How appropriate! As we were out and about on Purim, I saw the first buds of the season, and I was inspired to make this layout:

Thanks for stopping by, and if you leave me a comment, I'll be happy to come visit you on your blog after the holiday!


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