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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Sketch, and some Passover Goodness

First the sketch over at Simply Scrapping, which I will just say again, is a great site to share your work, find challenges and tutorials, and just generally connect to other crafters around the world.

And then my take:

I actually wasn't going to post this one, because it's a little sappy, and I generally try to keep that stuff to myself, but then my sister mentioned that her friend just died after battling cancer, and how her sisters had to say goodbye to her forever, and so I decided to just go for it.

The photo on this page, well, how can I put this gently...we all look like crap. But, it was a rushed Friday afternoon, 2 out of three of us were traveling, and the lighting there was less than stellar. But, it is rare for us all to be together in one place, so this photo is special anyway, despite our various shades of sallow.

And on a different note, I was commissioned to make these place cards for someone's Passover Seder.

I love the way they came out, and I'd love to make some for myself, but we are not quite classy enough for place cards. Perhaps one day.


  1. Aliza, beautiful, beautiful layout! I think the picture is very sweet :)
    Great place cards! We are hosting the seder this year and I am trying to decided if I should make the place cards or it will be too much :)

  2. love your Seder place cards they are so lovely! I chuckled at your "we are not quite classy enough for place cards" comment. I always feel that way to but sometimes I do set my table with my grandmother's silver and china anyway. It makes me think of her and I do think my mangy boys sit up a little straighter :)