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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Learning Something New

Since I am trying to slowly crawl my way back into the blogging world, it means that I have lots of projects that I have yet to share here.

Like April's Write.Click.Scrapbook gallery project. This month is mini madness, which gave me an excuse to try out one of those adorable 4x4 We R Memory Keepers albums. I have long admired all the gorgeous pocket paged scrapbooking out there, but have not been able to successfully implement it myself. I find myself uncomfortable with the format, which make me give up pretty quickly, and I head back to my good ole' 12x12 paper.  But when a new format or technique is a challenge, I have always found it easier to start small. When it come to pocket page albums, 4x4 is about as small as it gets. I also kept the journaling to just the first page, which gave me one less thing to think about in the later pages. Without worrying about journaling, I had a little more brain space to practice making pocket pages look pretty. There were also times in the making of this album, where I felt like I was just copying other people's style. I decided I was okay with that too, because imitation is a great way to learn. I encourage my preschool children to learn from their peers, so I figured I should give myself the same permission.

While the format and the style is all a little new to me, the subject matter, that is my family and our love for sitting on the couch  is something that I am quite familiar with.

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