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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And Now Back to Work...

Yep, all the Deutsches are just hours from being back to school and work. 

So, we're all done taking it slow for now. In fact, there's quite a lot to do already. 

Tomorrow, Max is starting high school. He will be going to school where Dave teaches. Yesterday, Dave confirmed that Max won't be in his class (which we all figured, but there was still a chance it could happen). Both of them had mixed feelings about this. Dave would have liked to have Max around, and to have the chance to lecture him about history in a setting where Max would have to listen. But, he knew it would make grading fairly impossible. Max knows that Dave is entertaining and a well-liked teacher (so he's heard through the grapevine), but, well, to a fourteen year old boy, having your father around at school is not priority. But, really, the fact that they both sort of want to be in the same class means that they generally like each other, and that is good.

A few weeks ago, I was wondering how this whole thing will play out over the next few years. Will this be the thing that Max swears he will never do to his own children, or something that he will always cherish about his childhood? My gut feeling is that most days will be fine, but there will be times when it will get ugly. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

As many scrapbookers do, as they ponder their family life, I scrapped  about it:

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  1. My both parents are teachers but I they worked at different schools. My dad went to school where his dad was a principal. I don't think I would enjoy that :)