My Scrapbook Resume

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm back-sort of

As I mentioned in the last few posts, I had lots and lots and lots of work to do, and no time for creating. Tonight is the first night that I came home from work, and I had no more reports, newsletters, or anything teacher related to write. I'm sporting a new haircut (well, same haircut, just shorter), I've got a pile of new scrapbooking supplies on my desk, and a pretty clean apartment. Oh, and most importantly, a two week vacation.

I do however feel a slight scrapper's block in the periphery. I hope it doesn't take.

Here is the closest thing to a recent creation. I wanted to use it as a yearbook ad for Max. It's got a private joke and everything. He wouldn't have it. So the final ad is just a plain old, "Dear Max, We are so proud of you..."

This one likes to keep it simple and fit in. (I suppose it's possible that my ad is neither clever nor cool, but I find that hard to believe.)

In other Max news, he had a high school interview and seems to have impressed the pants off his interviewers. So while my attempts at clever yearbook ads have failed, I seem to be doing okay in the kid department.


  1. Go Max! I know the high school search can be stressful!

  2. That's awesome! My freshman loves school now that he is in Highschool. I totally get it. I think the ad is cool but again, I am not 14 :)