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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Wonder...

I have noticed that I keep scrapbooking nature pictures from Israel. I do have some pages of people:

But I keep focusing on the pictures of rocks, beaches, and animals. I know that that is partly because I really crave big, outdoor, natural spaces. I absolutely adore seeing creatures big and small in their natural habitats.

But, I also know that such a big part of our trip to Israel was every day spent with family. And there are just so many thoughts and feelings wrapped up in that, that I am having some difficulty capturing it in pictures and words. There are too many pictures, and too many words, and quite frankly, it makes me sad that we are not there anymore. I did get this one photo scrapped, though. It was from our last day there, and it does sum up in very few words, what was so magical about this summer.


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  1. Beautiful layouts Aliza. Most of my pictures from our trips to Israel are unscrapped. Not sure why... I just need to print them and start getting them into my albums. I am sure I have lots of pictures from Aroma :)