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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cleaning for pesach? check. Scrapping? check.

Of course none of these things are DONE, but it's a start. And I did sign up for two more craft shows.

So check out the scrap progress now:

I still feel like my digital scrapbooking is a work in progress for me. But, if I don't do it digitally, then I will do NO scrapbooking. And that's not good. So, I am posting them anyway, and feeling accomplished, even though I am not yet completely satisfed with my work.

And now about those shows:

On Sundays, May 16th and June 13th I will be at the Brooklyn Indie Market. Check it out. There are lots of talented people out there making some pretty cool stuff. And the woman who runs it, makes these great skirts. Knee length and below. What more could an Orthodox girl ask for? I still regret that I did not buy one when I did this show in December.

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